GBV Charter

EmilyTest are conducting exciting research with university and college students and graduates and Student Resident Assistants (SRAs/RAs) to create a new Gender-Based Violence Charter for Scottish Universities and Colleges, with an ambition to expand the Charter to the UK. Make sure your voice is heard.

Our first phase of research is all about the student voice. If you are 18 years of age or older, a student or former student at a university or college in Scotland, please come along to our welcoming focus groups, with structured, supportive discussion. You’ll receive a £15 Just Eat or Amazon voucher for taking part. Sign up to our final focus group on 24th August 2020. Throughout July and August 2020, we are also continuing our interviews with sex worker students in the UK and interviews on polyamory and with students who are non-monogamous.

The second phase of research involves a survey and focus groups for current and former Student Resident Assistants / Resident Assistants (SRAs/RAs). If you are a current or former SRA/RA you can attend one of two focus groups on 6th August or 7th August 2020 – you’ll receive a £15 Just Eat or Amazon voucher for taking part – and/or take part in our short survey.

Our final phase involves consultation with the sector – this is a chance for the field to see a presentation of the draft Charter and give feedback. There are two consultation groups – sign up for the first on 28th August 2020 for professionals in the GBV / Violence Against Women sector, such as Rape Crisis staff, or sign up for the second on 7th September 2020, which is for all other valued partners and collaborators, including academics, researchers and consent organisations.

See the full schedule of our upcoming events here