GBV Charter

EmilyTest are creating the first Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Charter for further education (FE) and higher education (HE) in Scotland. 

What is the GBV Charter?

The Charter has a vision where every university and college is equipped to pass the ‘Emily test’ – in other words, they could have saved Emily’s life. 

The Charter is: 

  • a framework based on evidence and student voices for GBV prevention, intervention and support in further and higher education
  • an institution-wide and nationwide framework
  • an internal and external marker: an ‘inwards’ toolbox for universities and colleges to effectively prevent, intervene and respond to GBV in line with best practice and an ‘outwards’ celebration of progress and instrument of accountability


In between March and October 2020, we conducted a series of focus groups and interviews with students and graduates across Scotland (with some UK-wide) to create our GBV Charter. The report of this research will be released in March 2021 following peer review, and will be available on this website and circulated via our social media channels. 

Feedback response

In November 2020, we ran ‘co-creation’ sessions with FE and HE staff, GBV and Violence Against Women (VAW) professionals, and charity sector staff. We gathered feedback on our draft GBV Charter through these co-creation sessions and a subsequent public survey. We have now released a document detailing our responses to the feedback given, which you can access using the link below: 

EmilyTest GBV Charter consultation response 2021

Get involved!

We are running a focus group for charter professionals and a second round of co-creation sessions* to create the final GBV Charter – click on the link below to join and share any of these events:

*Please note that these co-creation session dates are provisional. Any changes will be communicated to Eventbrite attendees at least 5 working days in advance.