Meeting with Jim Metcalfe, CEO of College Development Network

We met with Jim Metcalfe, CEO of College Development Network to discuss adapting the work for colleges. He is very committed to ensuring colleges across Scotland are safe places for all students and we are keeping an open dialogue with progress across this area We also sent a letter to cross parties asking for their support and received support back from them all. We got a letter directly from Ruth Davidson supporting us too. We’ve done various presentations in Strathclyde University as part of the ESHE work. Also various presentations with Glasgow Violence against Women, Holyrood Magazine, Women’s Aid etc. We’ve also raised the importance of not only intervention work but prevention too. We need to look at prevention from as young an age as possible. Our suggestion has been taken forward by the government to the Education Minister for Scotland with a view to developing work in this area. It’s important not to only focus on intervention and a reactive approach. It’s equally as important to prevent these young boys/men becoming offenders in the first place. We believe that starts with education at a young age. We have to talk to not only our daughters but our sons too. Schools have to help educate our young men about respect, healthy relationships, healthy sex etc and not leave them to self-educating through violent pornographic content that’s all too prevalent online. Many countries have this effective approach in schools, we have to examine this further.

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